10 DLC Brand Details Could Not Be Verified


When attempting to verify your brand details on your Vonage API Dashboard, you receive an error message that reads, “Brand details could not be verified."


Applies To

  • 10 DLC
  • SMS
  • Brand Verification


Check if Your Brand is Verified

On either the Brands and campaigns overview page or the brand page (when editing) you will see the brand status. If it is red and specified as Unverified then you know it will require verification before being able to create campaigns and assign numbers.

Understand Why Your Brand May Be Unverified

Usually you will see the reason why your brand has not been verified on the Brands edit page.

    • Tax ID: Tax ID does not match with the company name or business type. See guide to properly format and submit your Tax ID.
    • Legal Company Name: Registered company name is incorrect or misspelt so it does not match registered Tax ID.
    • Registered Company Address: Registered company address is incorrect or misspelt so it does not match other company information such as Tax ID or company name.
    • Government Entity: Business entity is submitted as Government but TCR has not found the registered business as being an official government entity.

Re-Verify Your Brand

Note: You will be charged a $4 fee by The Campaign Registry each time a brand is edited and submitted for re-verification. This fee will be included in your monthly invoice.

  1. Log in to the Vonage API Dashboard.
  2. Correct the information previously submitted during the registration step and resubmit for verification.
  3. If additional throughput or special use cases required, request an External Vetting by selecting the External vetting tab when editing a brand. First make sure brand information has been successfully entered and the brand is verified.

Additional Information

For more information on handling issues with Brand verification, see the Brand verification troubleshooting guide.

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