10 DLC Brand Details Could Not Be Verified


When attempting to verify your brand for 10 DLC with The Campaign Registry, brand verification does not succeed and you receive an error message on your Vonage API Dashboard that reads, "Brand details could not be verified."


Applies To

  • 10 DLC
  • Brand Verification
  • The Campaign Registry



10 DLC regulation involves a third-party company called TCR (The Campaign Registry). The TCR has been entrusted by AT&T and T-Mobile to register the brands and campaigns that entities need to create in order to be able to send A2P traffic over 10 DLC. Verizon opted for a blanket surcharge to all messages without additional registration. When creating a brand and campaign on Vonage's API dashboard, the information you provide to us is relayed to the TCR for full 10 DLC compliance. The TCR applies a quick verification of the details provided by the requestor before communicating them to the carriers for a trust score to be determined for that individual brand.

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Understand Why Your Brand is Not Verified

Usually you will see the reason why your brand has not been verified on the Brand's edit page. The common verification issues are:

  • Tax ID: Ensure that you provided the correct Tax ID and followed our guidelines when providing the Tax ID.
  • Company Name: Ensure that you used the correct legal company name (as listed in the official federal or national records). Check the spelling for potential mistakes.
  • Company Address: Verify that the address submitted corresponds to the information listed on the official records.
  • Government Entity: If you create a brand as a government entity, your business must be listed as an official government entity or agency on the official records.

2. Re-Verify Your Brand

Note: You will be charged a $4 fee by The Campaign Registry each time a brand is edited and submitted for re-verification. This fee will be included in your monthly invoice.

  1. Log in to the Vonage API Dashboard.
  2. Correct the information previously submitted during the registration step and resubmit for verification.
  3. If you would like to apply for additional throughput or for a special use cases campaign, please make sure that the brand verification was successful, then you can request an External Vetting by selecting the External vetting tab when editing the brand.

3. Check if Your Brand is Verified

On either the Brands and campaigns overview page or the brand page (when editing) you will see the brand status. If it is red and specified as Unverified then you know it will require verification before being able to create campaigns and assign numbers.

Additional Information

For more information on handling issues with Brand verification, see the Brand verification guidelines article.

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