10 DLC Troubleshooting Brand Verification


A verified brand is a requirement for messaging with 10 DLC. Unverified brands are not able to create campaigns to send 10 DLC traffic.

It is recommended that your brand is verified before submitting for vetting as it could impact vetting approval.



Common Cause of Errors

  • Using an incorrect business name of the company instead of the official legally registered name
  • The number entered in the Tax Number/ID/EIN form field is not a valid EIN or home country company ID number
  • Providing a DUNS number instead of an EIN for a US-based company
  • An international company needs to be vetted before verification as The Campaign Registry can't find the company details or doesn't cover certain countries for verification

Vetting Before Verification

The Campaign Registry recommends that any company that is based outside of the United States to be vetted if verification is an issue.

This is especially important for those countries are not on their optimised approval list (see below) as they may have issues with verifying the company details.

Country Country Code
Croatia HR
Hungary HU
Ireland IE
Italy IT
Lithuania LT
Luxembourg LU
Latvia LV
Malta MT
Netherlands NL
Norway NO
Poland PL
Portugal PT
Romania RO
Sweden SE
Slovenia SI
Slovakia SK
Northern Ireland XI
United Arab Emirates AE
Australia AU
Belarus BY
Chile CL
Iceland IS
Malaysia MY
New Zealand NZ
Saudi Arabia SA
Singapore SG
Taiwan TW

How to Format Your Tax ID

If you have registered a private or public profit company, the provided EIN and Legal Company Name has to match registration sources.

Ensure the following:

  • A valid Tax ID is provided. For customers with an international entity, a valid Tax ID from their country is provided.
  • For US-based brands it is important that your EIN, Legal Name, and Address matches your registered records at the State and Federal levels.
  • For Non-Profit brands, it is important that the EIN is tax-exempt, as confirmed by the IRS.
  • For Governmental brands, it is important that the EIN matches a government entity.
  • For Non-US brands, a Business Number, VAT Number or DUNS, along with the correct registered address will help with the identification process.

Canadian Companies

Enter your Provincial Corporation Number as your Tax ID/EIN:

  • Alberta Corporation Number
  • Ontario Corporation Number (make sure you enter only the numbers after the first two leading zeros)
  • British Columbia Corporation Number (make sure the BC prefix is part of the number)
  • Saskatchewan Corporation Number
  • Nova Scotia Corporation Number
  • Quebec Corporation Number
  • Manitoba Corporation Number

If The Campaign Registry is not allowing you to register with these IDs, you may alternatively use your federally-issued Canada Corporation Number. Do not use your business number or federal tax ID number.

The address you enter should also match the address you registered with Corporations Canada.

International Companies

Use the numeric portion of your VAT ID. If you don't have a VAT ID, provide the primary corporation registration number or tax ID for your country.

Some examples of correct country format:




Required Input Example

United Kingdom

VAT Number

  • Country code
  • 9-digit number



VAT Number

  • Country code
  • 11-digit number


VAT Number

  • Country code
  • 11-digit number



Goods & Services Tax (GST)

  • 9-digit number
  • Single alpha character


Business Address

For all entity types, check that the following address inputs match your company’s registration information:

  • Address/Street line
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code/Zip Code
  • Country

Submitting the address of a local branch or any address different from the official registered company address might cause issues with verifying your brand when registering or re-verifying.

Stock Exchanges

For Public Profit companies, the stock ticker symbol and the designated stock exchange must match available sources. Available stock ticker values are as follows:

  • NONE
  • NYSE
  • AMEX
  • AMX
  • ASX
  • B3
  • BME
  • BSE
  • FRA
  • ICEX
  • JPX
  • JSE
  • KRX
  • LON
  • NSE
  • OMX
  • SEHK
  • SGX
  • SSE
  • STO
  • SWX
  • SZSE
  • TSX
  • TWSE
  • VSE
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