User:Error:Not-Found Username Doesn’t Exist When Logging in or Connecting Calls to an App User


When logging in or connecting calls to an app user, you see an error message that reads, "user:error:not-found, [username] doesn’t exist."

Applies To

  • Conversation API


When you see "user:error:not-found", "[username] doesn't exist", it is likely your Call/App user resides in a different data center. You can initialise the SDK to have your API request routed directly to another data center. Learn how to configure data centers in our developer documentation.


For inbound In-App Voice calls, users that have multi-geo requirements must initialise the SDK for the app user to connect to the Vonage data center hosting the call. Additionally, the user must also be created in the data center hosting inbound calls.

Conversations, Users, and Calls are currently tied to a geographic data center, depending on the location they originate from.

API requests are steered to Vonage data centers with the lowest round trip delay. For example, an API request to create an app User originating from an instance located in the US would be routed to a data center in the US.

Additional Information

The resolution is under development to enable full cross-data-center clustering to enable calls to move between data centers.

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