How to Migrate to 10 DLC SMS Messaging


This guide will help you migrate your SMS traffic to the sanctioned 10 DLC messaging route.

Before Migrating to 10 DLC SMS Messaging

Make sure you have completed analysis on the throughput required for your 10 DLC campaigns based on your current volume across all numbers. You can review 10 DLC throughput limits here.

It is recommended that users provision new numbers where possible if you are not tied to your existing numbers. We understand in some cases you will need to keep your existing numbers based on specific reasons behind your use case, for example advertising on those numbers.

Registration Requirements

Complete the following steps to provision a new number or migrate your existing numbers:

Important: Snowshoeing is defined as the act of sending the same message across multiple numbers in order to circumvent throughput restrictions. This is no longer allowed with 10 DLC and serious fines can be imposed. To avoid fines, you should move to a new single 10 DLC number.

Assigning a Single Number to a Campaign

Complete the following steps to enabling a number to the 10 DLC route:

  1. Sign in to your Vonage API account dashboard and go to the brands and campaigns section under SMS.
  2. Select the campaign to which you would like assign a number.
  3. Select the Numbers tab along the sub-navigation on the campaigns section and complete the number linking steps.
  4. Select one or more numbers to be assigned to that campaign, which will enable traffic to be sent across our approved 10 DLC route.
  5. When using the SMS API, make sure to reference the correct 10 DLC registered numbers.

Assigning Multiple Numbers to a Campaign

There are two options for assigning multiple numbers to campaigns:

  1. Follow the same guidelines as assigning a single number to a campaign in the Dashboard.
  2. Set up and enable the 10 DLC API (Early Access).
  3. When using the SMS API, make sure to reference the correct 10 DLCs.

If you need assistance with migrating numbers for your 10 DLC SMS API program, contact your account manager or submit a Support request.

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