10 DLC Non-Compliance Fines


What are the fines for non-compliance with 10 DLC requirements?

Applies To

  • 10 DLC
  • US Carrier Requirements


As part of the requirements from carriers, fines are being enforced for non-compliance. The impact of non-compliance could lead to significant fines and loss of service. Vonage will endeavor to contact users before enforcing fines and suspending services.

Note: Fines are per incident. It is feasible that a single account can incur multiple fines.

Non-Compliance Description Enforcement Deadline T-Mobile Fine (Per Incident)

Content Violation

For each of the third and any subsequent notification of a Content Violation involving the same Content Provider. Sending Messages that:

  • (a) Violate the rules governing program content as detailed in the [T-Mobile Code of Conduct], or
  • (b) Meet the threshold of a Severity 0 violation per page 20-22 of the most recent CTIA Short Code Monitoring Handbook
  • SHAFT definition: sex, hate, alcohol, firearm related, tobacco (Marijuana and Vaping products included)
Oct 1st 2021 $10,000

Shared Short Code

A single Short Code that is utilized for the delivery of messages through a short code to or from multiple content providers specifically applies to reseller model use of Vonage.

DATE TBD $10,000

Program Evasion

  • Provisioning new numbers to evade compliance: Attempting to use new 10DLC numbers to continue to send SPAM messages if another number is suspended or deactivated
  • Snowshoeing: An account may not utilize any technique to spread messages across many source 10-Digit Long Code Numbers, specifically to dilute reputation metrics and evade spam filters
  • Approved Content evasion: An account may not send message content, using a 10-Digit Long Code Number and campaign ID, that differs from the information provided for an approved campaign service during registration.
Oct 1st 2021 $1,000

Grey Route Non-Compliance fee

If P2P routes are used to send A2P traffic


DATE TBD $10 per message
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