Throughput Limits for A2P 10 DLC Numbers


A2P 10 DLC messaging (10 DLC) is a system in the US that allows businesses to send Application-to-Person SMS via standard 10-digit phone numbers. The system has been designed to match message throughput to the type of messaging and the type of business sending those messages; the aim is to reduce the amount of spam and other high-volume messaging flooding the networks.

The SMS protocol defines a character limit after which a message must be sent as multiple message segments; a message under this character limit is sent as a single segment. The 10 DLC throughput rates are based on the number of message segments sent.

10 DLC throughput rates are allocated based on:

  • Destination Carrier
    • Most message campaigns will send to multiple carriers, and so the throughputs and limitations are the combined total across the carriers.
    • Ported numbers will be sent by the ‘new’ carrier, not the original carrier for the number.
  • Vetting Score - Customers can apply for additional external vetting to gain access to Special Use cases or improve quality of service (where applicable).
    • Determined by external partners of The Campaign Registry (TCR - a third party that administers 10 DLC registrations).
    • A score from 0-100 is assigned as the vetting score.
    • Higher scores provide access to higher throughput and message limits.
  • Campaign Type - The use case of the messages being sent.
    • Each type of use case that a brand sends must be registered within the specified campaign types displayed within the 10 DLC registration.
    • Each campaign type has its own throughput and message limits per carrier.
    • Some campaign types have their throughput measured for each sender registered within the campaign, and others based on the sum of messages sent by all senders registered within that campaign.

10 DLC Pilot

One of the major US carriers is still in a grace period and frequently changing throughput requirements, as such Vonage is launching the 10 DLC system as a pilot. The current throughput configurations and limitations may change during this period, and we will endeavor to keep you informed (via this page) of any impact on the sending of 10 DLC messages within the US.

AT&T and Verizon Wireless

AT&T applies 10 DLC limits based on the campaign type, and throughput is measured per-minute. To simplify the number of 10 DLC limits that our customers must take into account Vonage are applying the same limits to Verizon.

  • TPM - Text (segments) per minute
  • TPS - Text (segments) per second

Declared Use Cases Message Throughput

A Declared Use Case is any of the specific non-marketing use cases chosen during campaign registration.

Message Class Campaign Type Vetting Score TPM
A* Russell 3000 Company 76-100 4500
C Large Business 51-75 2400
E Medium Business 1-50 240

Mixed/Marketing Use Cases Message Throughput

You registered a Mixed/Marketing use case if you choose to send marketing messages or messages for multiple types of use cases (mixed) from the same set of numbers. There is also a separate “Low Volume Mixed” campaign designation.

Message Class Campaign Type Vetting Score TPM
B* Russell 3000 Company 76-100 4500
D Large Business 51-75 2400
F Medium Business 1-50 240
T Small Business (Low Volume Mixed/Unregistered) 75

*Russell 3000 brands are automatically assigned Message Class A/B

Special Use Cases

Special use cases with throughput limited at campaign level.

Message Class Campaign Type TPM
K Election/Political 4500
P Charitable - Only Non-profit 501(c)3 2400
S Social Engagement (Customer's use case must be pre-approved by Vonage first)  60000
X Emergency Services/Public Safety 4500

Special use cases with throughput limited at a per sender number level.

Message Class Campaign Type TPM
N Agents, Franchises, Local Branches 60
G Proxy Numbers/Bridge Services/Anonymization 60
Y K-12 Education 720

Sole Proprietorship (Not available yet. Coming soon.)

Message Class Campaign Type TPM
W Very small business 15

T-Mobile and Sprint

T-Mobile and Sprint allocate throughput based on brand trust score. Rate limits are applied per brand, per day. Rate limits reset the next calendar day at 12:00 UTC.

Brand Score Level Vetting Type Vetting Score Daily Bucket Max
Top 3rd Party 75-100 200k
Top Default 75 200k
High Mid/Upper Mid 3rd Party 50-74 40k
Low Mid/Lower Mid 3rd Party 25-49 10k
Low Default 0-24 2k
Low 3rd Party 0-24 2k
Uncapped N/A N/A Unlimited*

*Applies to brands who apply for a special business review or certain political and government agencies.

All Other Carriers

Vonage has decided to configure the rate limits for all other carriers to 600 TPM, per sender.

API Response Status (Error Codes)

Status Meaning Description
40 Rate limit surpassed The SMS to this specific carrier has exceeded the max limits for your phone number or campaign. Retry after a minute.
41 Daily limit surpassed The SMS to this specific carrier has exceeded the max number of messages per day for your phone number or brand. Wait until the next calendar day to resend.
16 Gateway Quota Exceeded Generic Carrier Error, blocked due to exceeded quota
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