Onboarding Steps: New WhatsApp Account


Completing onboarding steps to begin using WhatsApp with the Vonage Messages and Dispatch API.

Applies To

  • WhatsApp


  1. Approve the Jewel Notification - Vonage will create your WhatsApp Business Account on your behalf, and you must approve the Jewel Notification in your Business Manager Settings, before we can complete the rest of the onboarding.
  2. Facebook Business Verification - Facebook will then confirm that your business manager has been verified. If this has not already been completed, review Facebook's instructions.
  3. Commerce Policy Review - Facebook will then confirm that your business complies with WhatsApp’s internal Commerce Policy. To be on boarded onto the WhatsApp API platform, your business must comply with this policy.
  4. Display Name Review - Your submitted display name will then be reviewed by Facebook. All display names must comply with WhatsApp's naming guidelines.
  5. Vonage Post-Pay Terms - You are able to use WhatsApp API with Vonage on our Pre-Pay billing model, and top-up your messaging credits as you go. However, if you are sending traffic to Mexico, or wish to be billed via our Monthly Active User (MAU) pricing model, we will need to set you up on a Post-Pay service, where you will be invoiced monthly for your usage. We may ask you for some financial information to finalize this set up.
  6. OTP Verification - Once your WhatsApp account has been approved, and your Vonage account is all set, we can complete the OTP procedure to activate your number with the WhatsApp API. This OTP can be sent via voice call or SMS.
  7. Create Message Templates - Once we’ve added you as a user to your WhatsApp Business Account, you can start creating your message templates.
  8. Complete Integration with Messages API - Using your new, live WhatsApp number and the designated API key, you will need to complete the configuration on your Vonage Dashboard and then you can start sending messages via the API.
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