Onboarding Steps: Additional Number


Onboarding an additional number with WhatsApp to use with the Vonage Messages and Dispatch API.

Applies To

  • WhatsApp


  1. New Number Added to WABA - Your new phone number and display name will be added to your existing WABA.
  2. Display Name Review - Your submitted display name will then be reviewed by Facebook. All display names must comply with WhatsApp's naming guidelines
  3. Display Name Feedback - We should have feedback from Facebook regarding your display name within the next 24 hours.
    • If approved, we can continue to the next steps.
    • If rejected, we will work with you to find the right display name for your business.
  4. OTP Verification - Once everything is in place, we can complete the OTP procedure to activate your number with the WhatsApp API. This OTP can be sent via voice call or SMS.
  5. Complete Integration with Messages API - Using your new, live WhatsApp number and the designated API key, you will need to complete your configurations on the Vonage account dashboard and then you can start sending messages via the API.
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