Getting Started with Viber and Vonage Messages API


This guide contains all of the steps needed for your company to get started using Viber API.


A Vonage Account and API Key

You’ll need a Vonage developer account and API key. Registering an account is easy! Visit this link to log in or create an account. If you are already using your Vonage API key for another service, request a sub-account key here or from your Vonage account manager.

Action Items

1. Complete the Viber Customer Information Form

If you have finished setting up a Vonage Account and API Key, complete our Vonage: Viber Application Form to share this information with the Vonage team. This lets us properly start the Viber onboarding process and track the implementation.

2. Complete the Warranties Letter

After the application has been submitted, you will automatically receive a Viber Onboarding email asking you to complete the SM warranties letter for Viber, which is a requirement from them. They need you to fill out the letter with your company's details, sign the letter, and send it back to us. They'll need you to add your logo at the top of the page. Click here to see what the blank letter looks like.

3. Vonage Submit Viber Application

With the information that you have provided, together with the signed Warranties Letter, our Vonage Viber Onboarding team will proceed to complete the Viber application on your behalf. It will take a few working days for Viber to process the application.

4. Vonage Setup on Post-Pay Terms

In order to bill you accurately, we will need to move your current Vonage account to a post-pay credit term, if it has not been done already. Your account may currently be on a pre-pay basis, where you top up your account and pay-as-you-go. Viber's complex billing processes cannot currently support this pay-as-you-go payment system. Therefore, we need to set you up on a post-pay service, where you will be invoiced monthly for your usage.

To do this, we may need to ask you for some legal and financial information about your business. We will be in contact with you if this is needed.

If you are buying through a Partner, the Partner will sort this out for you.

5. Vonage Provision your Viber Account

After your Viber account has been approved, and your Vonage account is set up on post-pay, we will be ready to provision your Viber account, and link it to your selected Vonage API Key. We will handle all this, there is nothing for you to do!

6. Go Live

When the provisioning is complete, we will send you your Viber Service ID number and confirm the API key, and you will be able to start sending messages!

Post Server Creation

Start Development

Congratulations! You are now ready to get started. Below are some great resources to help your team get started creating and exchanging messages with Viber users.

Sending a Viber Message

The Message API allows you to send a Viber message. You may refer to the following links for more information.

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