How to Confirm Verification of Your Business with Facebook


Confirming verification of your business with Facebook.

Applies To

  • Facebook Business Manager
  • WhatsApp
  • Vonage Messages API


  1. Navigate to your Facebook Business Manager Settings page.
  2. On the Business Info tab, look under Business Verification Status.
    • If the verification is complete, it will display Verified with a green tick, and the date of verification.
    • If it shows In Review, this means you have completed the application and it is with Facebook for review. No action is needed from you, and Facebook will provide an update within the next 48hrs under normal circumstances.
    • If it shows Unverified, this means you need to complete the verification application.

This is the only place that confirms if you are verified. If you think you are verified, but this page says unverified, then you have missed something during the verification process. You will need to go back to the Business Manager Settings page, and work through the verification steps again.

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