How do I make a payment on my account?


Making a payment or adding funds on your Vonage API account.

Applies To

  • Billing
  • Payment
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal


You can make a payment using a credit card in the Billing and Payments section of your Dashboard. This requires that you have a payment method added to your account.

  1. Sign in to your Vonage API account.
  2. Open the left menu by clicking on your username.
  3. Click Billing & Payments.
  4. Under Payment Method, select the payment method you wish to use.
    If you do not currently have a payment method on your account, click Add Payment Method to add a new payment method.
  5. Under Amount, select the amount you wish to pay.
  6. Click Add Funds.
  7. To confirm the payment method and amount, click Confirm & Pay.

Additional Information

Saved payment methods can be used to make payments with just one click. You can also turn on auto-reload.

Prepaid credit cards are not supported. Attempted payments made with prepaid cards will not succeed and may show as declined or cancelled.

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