How is Vonage Voice data used for AI training?


How is Vonage Voice data used for AI training?

Applies To

  • Voice API
  • Data Retention
  • AI Training


When an Application is enabled for AI training we ensure that Vonage’s data privacy and security policies are applied in order to keep customer data safely managed. We aim to make sure we provide full transparency around how this data is used and secured.

What Data Vonage Uses

Data captured from the speech recognition feature in the call control object (input: speech) when set up including from and to numbers, language and context.

Managing Privacy

Data privacy is of utmost importance when handling customer and end-user data. Any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from data capture that will be used for AI training will be obfuscated. Specifically any origination or termination phone number will have the last 4 digits removed.

For GDPR and the right to be forgotten we have the ability to track and delete an individual’s phone number on request based on the Account and Application ID.

How Vonage Stores Data

Vonage will encrypt all stored data used for AI training which means that it is not possible for any unauthorized person to see that data. For data in transit (moving from one service to another) we use encryption technology such as HTTPS and Transport Layer Security.

All data is stored in the region where the call recording or message has been created. In particular this means that when a call was made in the EU, the call recording and the AI training data will also be stored in the EU.

Data Retention

Data used for AI training is stored for 30 days then deleted.

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