Canada Long Virtual Number (LVN)

A2P - Application to Person messaging
P2P - Person to Person messaging


  • Long virtual numbers can deliver to all Canada carriers
  • Limited numeric sender only --> In the “from” field you need to specify your pre-approved Canadian (or US) virtual number in international format e.g. 18479121345. Otherwise your message will get rejected with reject code 15 Illegal Sender Address - rejected.
    • You can purchase pre-approved long virtual numbers very inexpensively from the Numbers tab in your Nexmo dashboard.
  • You will receive network delivery receipts instead of handset DLR’s when sending to Canada.  See chart below.
  • Binary, VCard, unicode and long SMS are not supported by Canadian carriers.
  • Euro symbol (€) and some accented characters are not supported by Canadian Carriers.
  • You may send a maximum of 1 SMS per second and per virtual number in Canada due to local carriers regulations. If you send messages more quickly, the message(s) will be rejected. If you require higher throughput, you can purchase more numbers and spread your traffic across your numbers. E.g. 10 numbers = 10 SMS per second.
  • Maximum of roughly 500 messages per day and per long virtual number. If this is exceeded your number will be blocked and will no longer work.
  • For high through put needs a dedicated short code would be the optimal solution.

Restricted Content:

All CA Numbers traffic adheres to the CWTA guidelines. For more information please see CWTA Handbook


Emergency notifications






Canadian Carriers Delivery Receipt Support


Gateway accepted/rejected

Carrier Ack/Nack

Handset delivery receipt

Bell Mobility


Rogers + Vidéotron

Telus Mobility + Koodo

SaskTel Mobility

Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS)

Aliant Mobility

Virgin Mobile CA

NorthernTel Mobility

Télébec Mobilité

Vidéotron 3G

Freedom Mobile





Canada Shortcodes 5-6 digit numbers used only for SMS & MMS

Canada Toll-Free

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