Canada Shortcode Restrictions

A2P - Application to Person messaging
P2P - Person to Person messaging


CA Short Codes

  • All shortcodes follow the CWTA Handbook Guidelines
  • Short Code routes support handset delivery receipts and unicode encoding, long/concatenated messaging on most carriers.
  • There is no daily maximum of messages per day restriction on our short code routes and API requests will use your overall throughput allocation.
  • As of 2020 Rogers Communications, Vidéotron as well as BCE Inc. (Bell Mobility, PC Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Lucky Mobile, and Bell MTS) are no longer accepting 'General Use' or 'Shared' shortcodes.

    • Rogers - decommissioned all 'General Use' except for same vertical
    • BCE - is currently grandfathering in all current 'General Use' codes 
    • Vidéotron - is currently grandfathering in all current 'General Use' codes
  • Cannabis
    • CWTA has advised Sinch that Bell and Rogers will not be approving any cannabis related programs

Other features/restrictions of note:

Delivery Receipts:

  • All carriers send handset delivery receipts except Eastlink.
  • Intermediate DLR (accepted status) will be provided as soon as the message reaches the operator's platform.

Restricted Content:

All CA Numbers traffic adheres to the CWTA guidelines. For more information please see CWTA Handbook


Emergency notifications





Canada LVN  Long Virtual Number - Local Area Code Numbers

Canada Toll-Free

Global SMS Features Overview (Outbound only)

Global SMS Numbers Features Overview

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