Canada Short Code Restrictions

Canadian Short Codes

  • All short codes follow the CWTA Handbook Guidelines.
  • Short code routes support handset delivery receipts, unicode encoding, and long or concatenated messaging on most carriers.
  • There is no daily maximum of messages per day restriction on our short code routes and API requests will use your overall throughput allocation.
  • Rogers Communications, Vidéotron, and BCE Inc. (Bell Mobility, PC Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Lucky Mobile, and Bell MTS) do not accept General Use or Shared short codes as of 2020.
    • Rogers - Decommissioned all General Use except for same vertical
    • BCE - Grandfathered in all current General Use codes
    • Vidéotron - Grandfathered in all current General Use codes
  • Cannabis
    • CWTA has advised Sinch that Bell and Rogers will not be approving any cannabis related programs

Other Features or Restrictions

Delivery Receipts

  • All carriers send handset delivery receipts except Eastlink.
  • Intermediate DLR (accepted status) will be provided as soon as the message reaches the operator's platform.

Restricted Content

All Canadian numbers traffic adheres to the CWTA guidelines. For more information, see the CWTA Handbook.

  • Betting
  • Cannabis
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Gambling

Additional Information

For more information, see the following articles:

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