What do I need to do before using the Vonage WhatsApp Provisioning API?


  • What are the provisioning API prerequisites? 
  • Do I need to do anything before using the Whatsapp Provisioning API?




Firstly, if you don't have a WhatsApp business account via Facebook and if you aren't already a customer of Vonage using WhatsApp please contact sales.

Please also ensure you have access to the phone number you will be provisioning 

  • Test any ‘call-forwarding’ you have in place to confirm that it is working
  • Disable any IVR systems, or ensure that you will be able to answer the phone when it rings

Finally, ensure that the number is not already being used on the WhatsApp App. Try loading this link, replacing the x’s with your phone number. 

  • If this opens a WhatsApp profile, it means the number is already active on a WhatsApp App and this must be disabled before provisioning. See below for how to disable the account
  • If no profile exists, then you ready to complete the provisioning 
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