What are the 10 DLC Key Dates?


What are the important dates for 10 DLC implementation?

Applies To

  • A2P
  • 10 DLC
  • US Users
  • Campaign Use Cases


Dates Change Non-Compliance Impact
March 1, 2021 AT&T Pass Through MT fees applied

$0.002 for 10 DLC registered and unregistered traffic

$.04 for unregistered traffic (date TBD)

June 1, 2021 T-Mobile Pass through MT/MO fees will be applied $0.003 for 10 DLC registered/unregistered traffic
October 1, 2021 T-Mobile/Sprint implementation of 10 DLC fines Non-Compliance Fines
Date TBD T-mobile Campaign/Migration Service Activation Fee $50 campaign activation fee
Date TBD T-Mobile Higher Pass through MT/MO fees will be applied $0.004 higher fee for unregistered traffic
Date TBD T-Mobile Special Business Review Request Charge $5000 per application

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