10 DLC Brand Vetting

What is Vetting?

When you create a brand and campaign through the Vonage API account dashboard your company will be assigned a limitation of throughput per second/ minute/ day for the number of messages you can send customers. For some companies they will require a higher limit than what is assigned and will need to go through a background check (vetting) for their company.

When is Vetting Required?

Required when customer would like:

  • When you require additional throughput than what you are currently allowed
  • Your brand has a low brand rating or qualification
  • Your brand requires approval for some campaign use cases
  • The carrier does not allow you to have an embedded link in your messages

Vetting for Additional Throughput

Brand vetting can be completed in the Vonage API account dashboard. It is recommended that any non-Fortune 1000 or Russell 3000 company is vetted. After the vetting is complete the brand will receive a vetting score which will determine the throughput. You can find more information about the throughput for each vetting score here: Throughput limits for A2P 10DLC numbers.

Cost: 40 USD/ Euros


T-Mobile Vetting for Additional Throughput

T-Mobile will assign a rating for your company which will have a designated daily limit of throughput. If you require additional throughput you can apply for a special business review process with T-mobile. Please make sure you complete the 40 euros external vetting that is available through the customer dashboard first before applying for a special business review request.

Cost: 5000 USD/ Euros (this fee is currently waived by T-mobile during their grace period)

If you wish to apply for brand vetting with T-Mobile, submit a support request.

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