10 DLC Brand Vetting


What is Vetting?

When you create a brand and campaign through the customer dashboard your company will be assigned a limitation of throughput per second/ minute/ day for the number of messages you can send customers. For some companies they will require a higher limit than what is assigned and will need to go through a background check (vetting) for their company.


When is Vetting Required?

Required when customer would like:

  • When you require additional throughput than what you are currently allowed
  • Your brand has a low brand rating or qualification
  • Your brand requires approval for some campaign use cases
  • The carrier does not allow you to have an embedded link in your messages

AT&T Vetting for Additional Throughput

Brand vetting can be completed in the customer dashboard. It is recommended that any non Fortune 1000 or Russell 3000 company is vetted.


Cost: 40 USD/ Euros


T-Mobile Vetting for Additional Throughput


T-Mobile will assign a rating for your company which will have a designated daily limit of throughput. If you require additional throughput you can apply for a vetting process.

Cost: 5000 USD/ Euros


If you wish to apply for brand vetting with T-Mobile please contact support.



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