Updated ISV & Partner Onboarding Process

There is a new onboarding process that applies to WhatsApp Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and their WhatsApp API Customers.

In July 2020, WhatsApp announced a new compliance process in their WhatsApp Business API program affecting all WhatsApp Business Service Providers (BSPs), ISVs,  and WhatsApp Business API end business customers.  This impacts how Vonage works with third-party ISVs (including those acting as Vonage WhatsApp Billing Agent Partners) to provide WhatsApp Business messaging to customers. 

We have proactively reached out to our partners to guide them through this new process. If you have not gone through this process and want to start or continue using WhatsApp via the Vonage Messages API, you'll need to complete the new Facebook compliance process.  We’ve outlined everything you need to know below.

What action do you need to take?

Vonage ISV Partners and those acting as Vonage WhatsApp Billing Agent Partners need to submit the new Terms of Service forms by September 30, 2020:

  1. Partners must submit the Exhibit A document entitled “ISV Terms for WhatsApp Business Solution”
  2. Partners’ existing end business customers using WhatsApp must sign the document entitled “Client Terms for WhatsApp Business Solution” on page 3 (with the attached Schedule I section, which is not to be signed by that customer). 
  3. Partners’ new end business customers who will be using WhatsApp must sign the new 3-way agreement between Vonage, the Vonage ISV Partner and the end customer entitled “WhatsApp Addendum for Indirect Customers”.  
  4. Please email  to request these documents for submission.

Please Note:  Partners’ new end business customers who also work with other platforms providers (independent of  Vonage ISV Partners),  that have access to WhatsApp messages, need to have those platform providers sign the Schedule 1 to Client Terms: ISV Terms section of the Exhibit B document (starting on page 4). 

We will continue to work with you on this new WhatsApp compliance process.  Once complete, you and your business customers will receive approval to resume using the WhatsApp API.

For details on testing or registering your WhatsApp business account, click here.



Please email  for assistance and we would be happy to guide you through this new onboarding process!

Stronger, Together. Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

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