US Shortcode Restrictions

A2P - Application to Person messaging
P2P - Person to Person messaging

Shortcode - 5-6 digit numbers used to send SMS

  • Shortcodes is an approved A2P solution.
  • T-Mobile & Sprint delivery rates may be lower than other networks.
  • TMobile Shopping Cart Notification - Shopping cart message program must incorporate a double opt-in mechanism via text and must be clearly laid out on the call to action, so that the user is aware.

General Restrictions:

  1. Short Code routes support handset delivery receipts, binary and unicode encoding, long/concatenated messaging on most carriers.*
  2. There is no daily maximum of messages per day restriction on our short code routes and API requests will use your overall throughput allocation.
  3. All short codes must be in compliance with CTIA Guidelines.
  4. All short codes must be in compliance with TCPA.

Campaign Guidelines:
The following are not allowed on any carrier.

  1. SHAFT - sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, and tobacco content is strictly prohibited on all US number originators. Support of Programs that provide prohibited content is subject to permanent expiration of the entire Short Code, Long Virtual Number or Toll-Free Number or the specific Program.  Vaping or marijuana/cannabis or content relating to dispensaries falls under this prohibited content. 
    Programs must operate according to all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. This is the only Sev 0 violation. See Audit Section for more information.
  2.  These (3) programs are also banned on all carriers:
    a. Illegal Substances (Cannabis)
    b. Fraud, Spam and Phishing 
    c. Deceptive Marketing
  3. Financial offerings, loan origination* and matching including:
    a. Payday loans
    b. Short-term loans
    c. Auto loans
    d. Mortgage loans
    e. Student loans
  4. Debt forgiveness, consolidation or reduction
  5. Investment Opportunities
  6. Affiliate lead and/or commission generation
  7. Credit repair programs
  8. Tax relief programs
  9. Work from home programs
  10. Get rich quick programs 

    *Exceptions may be considered for programs where content comes from direct lenders. Please contact your account manager for more details

 Carrier Specific Guidelines:

  1. TMobile, MetroPCS and Sprint - Traffic Classification
    Classify all short code traffic as business related traffic or A2P therefore delivery rates may be lower then other networks. T-Mobile and Sprint customers have the ability to opt out when they're signing up to avoid receiving marketing messages. Ultimately the customer needs to contact their provider and make a change to their service plan.
  2. Verizon - Vaping
    All vaping campaigns are not allowed.
  3. AT&T and T-mobile - Charity
    Do not accept any SMS or MMS based campaign submissions that include any charitable donation element. Current “Text-To-Donate” campaigns will continue to be allowed. Campaign Submissions that include donation capabilities by being directed to a website for credit card donations or other methods, will not be approved.
  4. TMobile Policy Update - Abandon Cart Notices
       a. General Requirements
            i. Call to Action via website must include within the opt-in terms and conditions details that the
               message program includes shopping cart reminders
            ii. Shopping cart message programs must incorporate a double opt-in mechanism via text
            iii. Double Opt-in message content must clearly inform the user that the message program
                includes shopping cart reminders
      b. Additional Privacy Policy Disclosures
           i. Privacy policy must explicitly state how information is captured by the eCommerce site to
             determine when a consumer cart has been abandoned (e.g. website cookies, plugins, etc).
           ii. Terms and conditions must reflect the new policy
      c. Delivery and Content Restrictions
           i. Text reminders must be sent within a 48 hour period and limited to one alert per unique
               abandoned cart
           ii. Abandoned cart notifications must not result in the eCommerce site completing the
               transaction on behalf of the consumer
           iii. Abandoned cart notifications must not collect payment information or accept approval for
               purchase via keyword confirmation from a consumer
           iv. Consumer must complete transaction by processing payment themselves via a direct
                URL link to the e-commerce website.


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