Why SMPP Concatenated Messages are not delivered?


  • Why SMPP concatenated messages are not delivered?
  • The individual parts of a concatenated message are processed but the customer did not receive the whole message?


Concatenated messages sent by SMPP customers who are connected with multiple SMPP servers 


Customers who are connected with multiple SMPP servers must make sure that all parts of a concatenated message are sent through the same SMPP server. This will ensure all the parts of the message identified based on the same UDH Reference Number, are sent via the same gateway.  

Parts of a concatenated message received in different servers may be sent via different gateways which will lead to the message not sent to the end-user. 

Eg: Concatenated messages with 2 parts received via both smpp1 and smpp2 server with UDH Reference number: XX

Part 1 Message: UDH 050003XX0102 - Received in smpp1 - executed via Gateway 1

Part 2 Message: UDH 050003XX0202 - Received in smpp2 - executed via Gateway 2

Gateway 1 is waiting for the 2nd part of the concatenated message whereas Gateway 2 is waiting for the 1st part of the message. Since neither of the Gateways receives all the parts, the concatenated message is not delivered to the end-user. 

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