Bank Transfers not Showing in Payment History


  • Why can't I see my bank transfer payments?
  • Where can I find bank transfer information?
  • Why are new bank payments not showing in the Dashboard?


At the end of March 2020 the Vonage API group moved some of our billing services to a new service provider as part of our on-going plans to improve customer experience of making payments.  Unfortunately, as a result, new bank transfer payments do not show in the payment history on the Dashboard.  We are expecting to complete our integration with this new provider later this year and this then will once again show bank transfer payments in the payment history.

How can I see payment information on the Dashboard?

It is possible to see payments made by bank transfer via the Dashboard. You can download your balance history from the Dashboard and this history will include a record of your bank transfer payments.

  1. Login to the Dashboard at
  2. Navigate to Your Account | Billing & Payments | Payment History (or click here)
  3. Select the Month in which you made the payments and then select "Balance History" in the dropdown list next to the Download button.  You can then download an Excel (.xls) file of your balance transactions which will include Top-Up transactions made by bank transfer.


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