Which IP addresses should I allow in order to receive requests related to my traffic from Nexmo?


  • What IP addresses do I need to add to my firewall?
  • What IP addresses do you use to send requests to my webhook URL?
  • Can I use a firewall and still receive inbound requests from you?
  • I am not receiving callbacks to my HTTP server. Why might this be?
  • What IP addresses do I need to add to my firewall if I'm using Nexmo?


If your platform restricts the inbound traffic it can receive using IP address-ranges (typically via firewalls), you'll need to add the following IP addresses to your allow lists depending on the Nexmo products that you use. These IP ranges may be used for receiving HTTP callbacks, webhooks, websocket connections, SIP & Media signalling.

Traffic from Nexmo might come from any of the IP addresses included in the referenced subnets. For all of our non-Voice products, the HTTP Callbacks IP ranges will be sufficient.


HTTP Callbacks******


Port: UDP/TCP on 5060, TLS on 5061



Port: All**



Port: All**


SIP Callbacks

For Messages API and Dispatch API specific IP whitelisting advice please visit this link

*This is a new IP address/range and will go live from 27th August 2020 for all products. This IP range may be currently in use for certain previously announced products.
**If you are unable to allow all UDP ports, you can alternatively restrict the port range to 10000:50000.

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