Auto reload payments issue 9-25th September 2019

Following a recent update to our internal payments system, we discovered an issue with our ‘Auto reload’ feature. This is the system that automatically adds more funds to your account when your balance falls below your configured threshold.

The normal sequence of events is:

  1. Auto reload is triggered by your Nexmo balance falling too low
  2. Auto reload adds more funds to your Nexmo account
  3. Auto reload collects the money from your payment card

Due to a bug in our system, Auto reload successfully completed steps 1 and 2, however it failed at step 3 – meaning no money was actually taken from your payment card.

Because your Nexmo account was nevertheless credited with the funds, this did not impact your traffic or your ability to use the Nexmo platform.

We have now fixed this issue so that all future payments will be processed correctly. 

We need to correct your Nexmo balance

This issue affected all Auto reload payments that were triggered between:

Start of issue: 9th September 11:01am UTC
End of issue: 25th September 04:15pm UTC

Therefore we need to make a debit adjustment to your account to accurately reflect your true Nexmo balance.

If you were affected by this issue, you should have already received an email on 2nd October detailing the number of failed transactions and their total value. The email subject was: "Action Required: Debit adjustment to your Nexmo balance".

We will begin performing these debit adjustments on the 7th of October from 9AM UTC.

How can I see which payments failed?

You can see your affected payments in the payment history section of the Dashboard; they will have a type of ‘Auto-reload’ and a status of ‘FAILED’. The status shows FAILED because we were unable to collect the money from your card. To reiterate, this was caused by a bug in our system, and not an issue with your payment card.

Recommended action

If you were affected by this issue, the email you received will have advised the following:

While we do need to adjust your account balance to reflect funds actually added, we do not want to cause any disruption to your on-going Nexmo usage. Debiting your balance may cause it to become negative and this could mean we start rejecting API requests until your balance becomes positive again.

Therefore, before the 7th of October, we recommend that you manually add more funds to your Nexmo account to ensure you have enough balance to cover the full amount that will be debited.

You can manually add more funds to your account here:

How will this affect my account?

When we debit your account, it is likely that you will see one or more Auto reload payments triggered in quick succession shortly afterwards.

Payments will continue to be generated in this way until your balance is safely back above your preferred Auto reload threshold.


Let’s say your account has the following settings:

Current Nexmo balance: €120
Auto reload trigger threshold: €100
Auto reload top up value: €100

If you have 3 failed Auto reload payments, we will need to debit your account a total of €300.
In the above example this would take your account into a negative balance of -€180.
Because Auto reload is configured to add €100 funds to your account each time it’s triggered, it would need to trigger 3 times to bring your Nexmo balance back up above the Auto reload threshold.

We apologise for the inconvenience this issue may cause.

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