What is the callback retry system for the Messages and Dispatch APIs?


  • How long does Nexmo retry inbound WhatsApp messages?
  • Does Nexmo queue Messages and Disptach MO and DLRs for me, in case my server is down?
  • Why are my delivery receipt callbacks not delivered after 24 hours?
  • What happens to my inbound messages if my system has an outage?
  • What happens to my delivery receipt callbacks if my system has an outage?
  • what is the behaviour of the Messages API if my platform fails to reply to an inbound message with a 200 status code? 


In the event that we receive non-200 status from one of our customer's registered webhooks then we begin to queue all Messages and Dispatch related callbacks for the affected API key. First, we send a few retries with an interval of ~5s and this increases to 1m, 5m, 15m. Eventually, we end up retrying every 15mins for 24hours. After this, the callback will be aged out of our queue. As said above we don't just do this for the specific callback that is not reaching the webhook, we queue all callback traffic related to the API key.

Therefore, as a consequence, you could have two Nexmo Messages and Dispatch Applications registered on your Nexmo account, if one is having issues accepting callbacks, then you would experience queueing for callbacks on your other Nexmo Application for the reasons outlined above. 

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