What is A2P US 10 DLC Messaging?


  • What is 10 DLC Messaging?

  • What is going to change with A2P 10 DLC messaging?

  • Which carriers are implementing A2P 10DLC?

  • Does Vonage offer A2P 10DLC capabilities?


10 DLC

10 DLC stands for 10 Digit Long Code.   It is the new standard for A2P messaging in the USA, which applies to all messaging over 10 digit geographic phone numbers. Major US carriers have announced their requirements for SMS A2P (application to person) messaging using 10 digit geographic numbers, also known as 10 DLC. This new standard provides many benefits to our customers including supporting higher messaging speeds and better deliverability.


Background on Long Codes A.K.A. Long Virtual Numbers

Long codes (also known as Long Virtual Numbers, LVNs or long numbers) are essentially 10 digit phone numbers designated by the mobile operators for person-to-person communication. Some sample use cases include chat applications, anonymous dating applications, and customer service communications.


Historically in the United States, p2p (person-to-person) traffic (not A2P traffic) is permissible using a Vonage USA long code or LVN. Long virtual numbers are available here if your business does not already own one. There are also additional use case limitations for long code traffic, which can be viewed in more detail here.


What is A2P 10 DLC?

10 DLC, which stands for 10 Digit Long Code,  is the new standard for A2P messaging in the USA, which applies to all messaging over 10 digit geographic phone numbers.They are also the fixed numbers you may bring over to Vonage for SMS provisioning. A 10DLC number is essentially a local 10-digit phone number that can support higher volumes of text messages. Many experts anticipate that 10DLC will become the new standard for business text messaging. 10DLC numbers are designed and sanctioned by the termination vendors for A2P SMS messaging.


How A2P 10DLC is Changing The Game in Short & Long Code Use

Since A2P (application-to-person) traffic on long codes historically has not been supported by the carriers, businesses have been forced to utilize short codes for their A2P needs. However, for carriers that are opting to launch and support A2P for 10 DLC in the USA, this limitation will be lifted and A2P traffic will be allowed (with new guidelines). 


Vonage Customers Using US Shared Short Codes 

T-Mobile and AT&T’s new code of conduct prohibits the use of shared originators, therefore, Shared Short codes will no longer be an acceptable format for A2P messaging. 

  • Vonage customers using a Shared Short Code, must migrate SMS traffic to either a 10DLC, Toll Free SMS Number, or  Dedicated Short Code
  • Vonage customers using our Shared Short Code API must migrate to either our SMS API or Verify API 
  • Customers using Dedicated Short Codes are not affected by these changes within the scope of 10DLC.  
  • *We are creating a guide on requirements and migration options for you, which we will link here once posted.


Wireless Carriers Launching 10DLC

Each wireless carrier is launching their A2P 10DLC capabilities with unique guidelines and on different timelines.  We’ve outlined the current status of carrier launches for you on this page and  will continue to update you with what we know, how the changes will affect you, and what you can do to ensure the optimum benefits of your services and solutions with us.


Vonage A2P 10DLC Rollout Process

In January 2020, Vonage integrated Verizon’s implementation of the 10DLC sanction. All SMS customers were transitioned to Verizon 10DLC at this time, and we added the associated Verizon pass-through fees to their accounts/billing. For Vonage customers sending SMS traffic through Verizon, this is a mandatory SMS standard and it is not optional.


Currently, Vonage is preparing for  the coming launch of A2P 10DLC with AT&T.  Soon to follow, will be T-Mobile and Sprint, along with other carriers to launch with A2P 10DLC. We will update information here as things develop.


Verizon and A2P 10DLC

Verizon announced their commercial availability of 10 DLC (A2P) messaging in April 2019.  Vonage has leveraged this new offering and is now live with Verizon’s enhanced commercial text messaging platform. As a customer, you can continue sending your long code messages as you do today and you will not be required to make changes to your existing number(s) The following Verizon pass through fee will be added to mobile terminated (MT) messages originating from long codes: 


Carrier Name

Surcharge in Euros

Surcharge in USD

Verizon Wireless




This is industry wide, and we will be passing on the additional surcharge to our customers at the same rate charged to Vonage. 



AT&T started their 10 DLC program on August 15th.  With this, no new Shared Short Code activation's are permissible for onboarding with AT&T.  The termination of Shared Short Codes for most use cases will be enacted when commercial availability of 10DLC A2P Messaging occurs.


AT&T messaging surcharges (for outbound/inbound MT) have not been released, but pass through fees are expected in the future and will be given with 60 days notice.  At that time, there will be additional costs for 10 DLC monthly number registration leases from 3rd parties. Pass-through fees are expected to be charged in early 2021. 



As of September 2021, no new Shared Short Codes are allowed to be on-boarded for T - Mobile.  T-Mobile expects providers to start phasing out shared short codes in the market immediately with a deadline being February 28,  2021. Termination of shared codes will take place when commercial availability of 10DLC A2P Messaging launches (exact date is TBD, but likely in Q1 2021). Formal communication on requirements and launch details will be provided with appropriate advance notice.  Pass-through fees are expected to be charged beginning March 1,  2021.  


Other Carriers Planning to Launch A2P 10 DLC

Other wireless carriers are currently testing their solution and expected to follow suit and release their A2P 10DLC service in 2021. However, as soon as we hear more about the respective A2P 10DLC releases for other  wireless carriers in the US, we’ll update you with what we know, how the changes will affect you, and what you can do to ensure the optimum benefits of your services and solutions with us. 

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