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  • What is 10 DLC Messaging?
  • What does 10 DLC stand for?
  • What is going to change with 10 DLC messaging?


10 DLC stands for 10 “Digit Long Code”: which are the 10 digit geographic phone numbers that Nexmo supplies you with today. They are also the fixed numbers you may bring over to Nexmo for SMS provisioning.


Verizon has announced their commercial availability of 10 DLC (A2P) messaging. Nexmo has leveraged this new offering and is now live with Verizon’s enhanced commercial text messaging platform. 10 DLC is designed to provide a higher quality of the delivery of your messages originating from long codes while continuing to protect end-users from unwanted messages. As a customer, you can continue sending your long code messages as you do today and you will not be required to make changes to your existing number(s).


The following Verizon pass through fee will be added to mobile terminated (MT) messages originating from long codes: 


Carrier Name

Surcharge in Euros

Surcharge in USD

Verizon Wireless




This is industry wide, and we will be passing on the additional surcharge to our customers at the same rate charged to Nexmo.




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