What do the Verify API response codes mean?


What are the various response codes for the Verify API?

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Response Fields

Field Description
request_id The unique ID of the Verify request. You need this request_id for the Verify check.
Code Text Definition
0 Success The request was successfully accepted by Vonage.
1 Throttled You are trying to send more than the maximum of 30 requests per second.
2 Your request is incomplete and missing the mandatory parameter $parameter The stated parameter is missing.
3 Invalid value for parameter $parameter Invalid value for parameter. If you see Facility not allowed in the error text, check that you are using the correct Base URL in your request.
4 Invalid credentials were provided The supplied API key or secret in the request is either invalid or disabled.
5 Internal Error An error occurred processing this request in the Cloud Communications Platform.
6 The Nexmo platform was unable to process this message for the following reason: $reason The request could not be routed.
7 The number you are trying to verify is blacklisted for verification. For more information, see What error code do I receive if a Verify velocity rule is applied?
8 The api_key you supplied is for an account that has been barred from submitting messages.  
9 Partner quota exceeded Your account does not have sufficient credit to process this request.
10 Concurrent verifications to the same number are not allowed Two simultaneous requests to the same number are not allowed. The customer can perform a verification request to the same number only after the previous request to that number has been marked as SUCCESSFUL, FAILED, or EXPIRED.
15 The destination number is not in a supported network The request has been rejected. Find out more about this error in Error Code 15 with Verify API Request.
16 The code inserted does not match the expected value  
17 The wrong code was provided too many times You can run Verify check on a specific request_id up to three times unless a new verification code is generated. If you check a request more than three times, it is set to FAILED and you cannot check it again.
18 Too many request_ids provided You added more than the maximum ten request_ids to your request.
19 No more events are left to execute for this request  
101 No request found There are no matching verify requests.
One of: 0123456789101516171819 or 101

If status is non-zero, this explains the error encountered.

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