Why are Verification Codes not received on my virtual number?


Why are Verification Codes not received on my virtual number?

Applies To

  • Verification Codes
  • Virtual Numbers
  • Inbound SMS


Virtual numbers cannot be used to receive any kind of identity authentication. Attempting to send verification messages towards virtual numbers breaches Vonage's Terms and Conditions. Our Acceptable Use Policy clearly states this information under Telecommunications-Specific Limitations, as per below:

"This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) governs use of Vonage’s networks, services, systems, websites, software, hardware, and products (collectively, “Services”) by Vonage’s customers (“Customers”) and their authorized users (collectively, including Customers, “Users”). Upon any violation or reasonably suspected violation of this AUP, Vonage shall be entitled to immediately suspend provision of the Services in a manner reasonably tailored to address the potential harm. Customer shall immediately report any violations of this AUP to Vonage and cooperate with Vonage to investigate and remedy such violations.

Users shall not, and shall not authorize, encourage, assist, or enable any other party to engage in, any of the following in connection with the Services:

Using long virtual numbers or voice numbers to receive messages for the purposes of identity verification, bulk messaging, automated messaging, messages using automated dialing, or pre-recorded messaging, and the like."

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