We support MMS via our Messages API for US Short Codes. See FAQs below.

Question Answer
Which carriers support MMS? AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.
What types of files are supported? Supported file types are .jpg and .png.
What is the max file size? 2MB
Is 2-way MMS supported? Yes MMS is supported for both MO and MT.
Do I have to support SMS on an MMS short code? Yes, SMS must be supported in addition to MMS.
Can I add MMS to existing short codes? This can vary. Contact your account manager.
How do I add MMS to my short code? Submit an amended program brief with a sample image to your account manager.
In which countries is MMS supported? Only the US at this time.
How do I apply for an MMS short code? Contact your account manager.
What is the max throughput I can send MMS messages? 1 message/sec - per sender + at most 1 concurrent transaction per the sender.
How much does it cost to send and receive MMS messages? Contact your account manager.
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