Verify Service to High-Risk Countries


Why am I getting error code 15 from your Verify API?

Why can I not complete a Verify request for x country?



Verify works with both fixed/landline and mobile numbers in all countries around the world, excluding our list of high risk countries, for which the service is unavailable. This is a part of our proactive measures to restrict certain countries where we have seen our customers being used as a middleman for conducting illicit activities.

For managed customers sending high volumes, please contact your account manager to unblock access to restricted countries.


Error code 15

If you receive error code 15 in response to all your Verify API requests to one of the following countries then it is likely due to access being restricted:


High-Risk Countries where Verify Access is Restricted

ISO Country Code Country   ISO Country Code Country   ISO Country Code Country
AF Afghanistan   GN Guinea   PS Palestinian Settlements
AG Antigua / Barbuda   GQ Equatorial Guinea   PW Palau
AI Anguilla   GW Guinea-Bissau   SB Solomon Islands
AL Albania   GY Guyana   SC Seychelles Republic
AM Armenia   HT Haiti   SL Sierra Leone
AO Angola   IQ Iraq   SN Senegal
AW Aruba   JM Jamaica   SO Somali Democratic Republic
BB Barbados   KM Comoros   SS Republic of South Sudan
BF Burkina Faso   KN St. Kitts/Nevis   ST São Tomé and Principe
BI Burundi   KY Cayman Islands   SV El Salvador
BQ Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba   LC St. Lucia   SX Sint Maarten (Dutch Part)
BZ Belize   LR Liberia   TC Turks and Caicos Islands
CD Congo, Dem. Rep. of (former Zaire)   MC Monaco   TD Chad
CF Central African Republic   ME Montenegro   TG Togolese Republic
CG Congo   MG Madagascar   TJ Tajikistan
CI Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)   MK Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Rep of.)   TL Timor-Leste
CM Cameroon   ML Mali Republic   TN Tunisia
DJ Djibouti   MR Mauritania   TO Tonga Islands
DM Dominica   MS Montserrat   VC St. Vincent & Grenadines
DZ Algeria   MV Maldives   VG British Virgin Islands
GA Gabonese Republic   MW Malawi   VU Vanuatu
GD Grenada   MZ Mozambique   WS Samoa
GH Ghana   NE Niger   ZM Zambia
GM Gambia   PG Papua New Guinea   ZW Zimbabwe
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