What happens if the MP3 download request fails?


  • What happens if the WAV download request fails?
  • Why is my MP3 / WAV file being requested multiple times?
  • Why does my audio file not play?
  • Will Nexmo retry the MP3 / WAV download request if it fails?
  • Why is there silence before the audio file plays?



The Nexmo Voice API will request the audio files for Stream actions after it has downloaded the NCCO. If it encounters an issue when downloading your MP3 or WAV audio file, it will not reattempt the request, and the call will be silent.

Nexmo will not retry the request if:

  • The request times out after 30 seconds
  • The connection/socket has been closed before the request has been fulfilled
  • Your server responds with an HTTP response stating an error (e.g. 404, 503...)
  • The URL is invalid
  • There is an issue with your SSL certificate
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