Call API no longer available March 2018

Access to the Nexmo Call API will no longer be available after March 31st 2018. 


Why did we decide to discontinue this product?
The decision to sunset the Call API has been a multi-factored one.
This API had limited capacity and would not allow us to scale to accommodate our vision of a next generation communication platform.
The service does not meet GDPR compliance.
What can we use,  now that the Call API is unavailable?
The New Voice API is a much better alternative to the Call API as it offers a much richer feature set. 
Please see the Voice API documentation:


Discontinuing support for the Call API allows us to better serve our customers by focusing all our resources on further improving the quality and functionality of the Voice API.

The Voice API (first launched in September of 2016) offers Nexmo customers more functionality and quality than the deprecated product. 

Among numerous other features, the new Voice API enables:

  • Conferencing - leveraging the simplicity of Nexmo Call Control Objects to create audio conferences with just a few lines of code.
  • Integration with new and exciting technologies such as Artificial Intelligence through the use of websockets.
  • Refined Proxy Calling controls to keep numbers private and prevent lost revenue from users connecting outside your platform.
  • Recording of Calls and Conferences with the ability to start and stop recordings mid conversation.
  • Data anonymization and redaction to ensure users’ privacy and meet GDPR compliance standards in preparation of the upcoming May 25, 2018 effective date.
  • A superior developer experience with the simplicity and granular control offered through JSON and use of JWTs.

Below you will find all the documentation to construct your new more powerful voice product.  

Voice Documentation Overview

Voice API Reference

We regret any impact the deprecation of this existing product may have to your business. If you need assistance with technical issues, or would like to offer feedback please contact us at

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