Why did my PIN code get sent from a phone number?


**Vonage Customers Using US Shared Short Codes **

T-Mobile and AT&T’s new code of conduct prohibits the use of shared originators, therefore, Shared Short codes will no longer be an acceptable format for A2P messaging. 
  • Vonage customers using a Shared Short Code, must migrate SMS traffic to either a 10DLCToll Free SMS Number, or  Dedicated Short Code
  • Vonage customers using our Shared Short Code API must migrate to either our SMS API or Verify API 
  • Customers using Dedicated Short Codes are not affected by these changes within the scope of 10DLC."



  • Why did my PIN code get sent from a phone number?
  • Why are long codes used on the 2FA short code API?


Some carriers have strict restrictions on the use of short codes. We are seeing better conversions when using long codes on those carriers. As a result, we use a combination of short codes and long codes (i.e. a LVN (long virtual number)) routes on our 2FA short code API to maximise delivery.

When a LVN route is being used, Acceptd/Not Applicable delivery status will be shown.

For more information on this status, please visit: US delivery status - Acceptd/Not Applicable

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