Why doesn't Nexmo offer MMS?


  • Customers are not asking for it. At Nexmo we innovate starting from customers demand and by analyzing their pain points.
  • MMS is not a global solution: It is fragmented by country, and sometimes by carrier. Since each carrier is different, it will not create a consistent customer experience. It is just not scalable globally.
  • MMS never really succeeded: Many other vendors provide MMS but in practice it never really took off. 
  • MMS content is best suited for other channels, and with the upcoming App2App communication market, OTT apps, etc..such content will (and is already) delivered through these rich channels.
  • Wap Push could be an alternative to MMS where supported: Customers could achieve a similar result sending Wap Push using an SMS. This is a global and cost effective solution, however Wap Push support is carrier and handset dependent (with an increasing number of handsets not supporting receiving a wap push in the last few years).


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