Philippines: Voice Features and Restrictions


Starting from 5th October 2019 , All Public Telecommunications Entity’s (PTE) existing 7-digit telephone numbers belonging to AreaCode (AC)“2” will be migrated to 8-digit telephone numbers.

Corollary to the above announcement, National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has assigned the following PTE Identifier, to be affixed at the beginning of the existing 7-digit telephone numbers. e;g

PTE Identifier PTE Ex.Existing No. Ex.New Number
8 PLDT Inc. +63 2 840 2359 +63 2 8840 2359
3 Bayan Telecommunications, Inc. +63 2 412 1212 +63 2 34121212
5 ETPI / TeleTech +63 2 300 1111 +63 2 5300 1111
7 Globe / Innove +63 2 730 1000 +63 2 7730 1000



Only International CLI is supported. If you would like to have a local CLI, Kindly contact


Please note that DTMF capture in the Philippines is heavily unreliable across all networks and especially for SMART subscribers. Therefore, you may experience inability to interact when PIN verification is required via this method. All other feature for Voice calls should work without issues.

Other features/restrictions of note:

No limitations.



Voice Numbers Features Overview

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