Can I send SMS to my Virtual Number using the Nexmo API?


  • Why are my SMS rejected when sending to my Virtual Number using Nexmo API?
  • Why I cannot receive the inbound messages I sent using Nexmo API?
  • What happens if I send inbound messages to my Virtual Number using Nexmo API?


We can't guarantee that Nexmo virtual numbers will be reached from non-domestic phone numbers, or by sending an outbound message through our SMS API's. In fact, sending outbound messages to a Virtual Number using the Nexmo API may result in the message being Rejected or Undelivered.

If your business use case requires being able to use our SMS API towards a Nexmo Virtual Number, please contact us on with details on your case. We are able to enable a special routing configuration for your account so that any SMS sent from the Nexmo API to your Nexmo Virtual Number stays completely within the Nexmo platform. 

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