Adding Team Members to Your Vonage API Account Dashboard


Adding team members to your Vonage API account dashboard.

Applies To

  • User Management
  • Dashboard


You can invite additional team members to your account from the Team Management page in your Vonage API account dashboard. This will send them an email invitation containing a temporary password that they can use to log in to the Dashboard. They will be asked to change this password to one of their choosing after they log in.

Managing Permissions

When you invite a new team member, you can choose what level of access to give them. You can also edit an existing team member's permissions from the Team management page by clicking Edit (pencil icon).

Restrict Subaccounts

If you have multiple subaccounts (API keys), you can choose which subaccounts each team member should be able to view and manage.

If you've only just signed up for a Vonage API account, by default you will only have one Account (API key), you can request additional subaccounts by submitting a support request.

Restrict Features

In addition you can restrict access to specific features within the Dashboard. For example, you can prevent a specific team member from viewing and managing payment and billing information.


Additional Information

You can view more detailed technical information about users and subaccounts in the developer documentation on managing users.

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