What is Automatic Location Based Routing (ALBR)?

What is ALBR?

ALBR intelligently minimizes latency in your voice calls by automatically routing the media path through the closest voice gateway for both inbound and outbound calls without manual configuration.

Unlike other providers, you do not need to select the Nexmo gateway you want to send your traffic through, depending on its location to your servers. You send all of your traffic to and Nexmo will take care of routing it through the lowest latency gateway, optimising the media path.


How does ALBR work, and what does this mean for my voice capabilities?

With ALBR, outbound calls are automatically routed to the closest voice gateway based on the source IP address of the request. Similarly, inbound calls from a Nexmo number that are configured to be forwarded to SIP URI’s (e.g. via the Nexmo Dashboard), will be routed to the closest voice geographic gateway resolved to that SIP URI. This is all done automatically, increasing call quality and significantly lowering latency.

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