How to Read a Vonage SMPP Delivery Receipt


Understanding an SMPP delivery receipt.

Applies To

  • Delivery Receipts
  • SMPP
  • SMS


Use the table below to understand the components of the delivery receipt.

An example delivery receipt might read: id:0000000012345678 sub:001 dlvrd:001 submit date:1601010100 done date:1601010101 stat:DELIVRD err:000 text:none

Value Definition
id Message ID allocated to the message. Can be in decimal or hexadecimal depending on your account configuration.
sub Number of short messages originally submitted.
dlvrd Number of short messages delivered.
submit date Date and time at which the short message was submitted in YYMMDDhhmm.
done date Date and time at which the short message reached its final state in YYMMDDhhmm.
stat Final status of the message.
err SMPP error code
text None
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