Can I port my existing local virtual phone number to Nexmo?


  • Can I port my existing number to Nexmo's platform for voice and sms?
  • How long does a take to port-in my number?


Yes, you can port in your existing virtual phone number to Nexmo. There are a few requirements and items to note:

-- Supported in US and Canada only. 

--  You can choose to port voice only or voice and sms.

-- The minimum quantity for which we can offer this service is 50 numbers in general. 

-- It takes approximately 2-4 weeks to complete a port. (Bulk ports can take up to 6 weeks to complete)

To begin a port request, we need the following information:

-- A list of the numbers you would like to port in .xls format. (US and Canada numbers should be seperated in the file)

-- Proof of Ownership (Copy of a recent invoice within the last 30 days) OR a LOA (Letter of Authorization)

-- The authorized users billing first and last name, billing account number, and billing telephone number.

-- Desired port date and time. (Nexmo can not guarantee ports on desired dates but we will make best efforts to accommodate based on the underlying carriers provisioning schedules)

A portability check will be provided to you for all your numbers prior to the port. 

To get started, please contact 




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