How am I charged for the SDK Push subscription service?



What is the Push subscription model for SDK?


You will be charged at the end of each rolling cycle (30 days) for your Push subscription. The amount will be deduced from your Nexmo account balance every month.

For the subscription model, unlimited push verifications are charged at 0.1€ per month per user (only users who have completed at least one successful verification within that billing cycle will be charged for).

If your account balance is close to reaching the value needed for the month's payment, we will send you a notification email to kindly remind you to top up your account as soon as possible.

With the SDK, you can choose to add Push notifications as a option to your Verify flow, therefore messages will be attempted to be delivered via Push (before attempting to deliver via SMS or TTS (Text-to-Speech) if it is unsuccessful as per the usual Verify flow).

Additionally you can choose the Push subscription model. If your application will need to Verify users using a PIN frequently, this is a good choice as it is a flat subscription fee of 0.1€ per Monthly Active User. This means that only Push will be used to Verify the users and you should not expect the end-users to receive any SMS or TTS messages.

 You can view and edit your choice in your dashboard in the "Tools: Verify SDK" section.


As with all our other products, once your balance reaches zero your account will no longer function, please see here for more details.

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