What are the limitations of a trial account?


I saw the test message has '[FREE SMS DEMO, TEST MESSAGE]', will these words be removed after I buy credit?

Applies To

  • Free Trial
  • Demo Account
  • Test Messages


After signing up for a Vonage API account, you'll receive €2 free credit to test the platform. At this stage, the following restrictions are in place:

  • You can only send SMS and make Voice calls to a limited number of destinations: the number that you registered with, and up to 4 additional test numbers that you've verified.
  • You cannot use trial credit to buy virtual phone numbers.
  • Your SMS messages will be have the text [FREE SMS DEMO, TEST MESSAGE] appended to the body of the message.

To remove these trial restrictions, you'll need to upgrade to a paid account. This will allow you to send to any numbers you want to within the local market regulations. See Country-Specific Features and Restrictions for the local market regulations and restrictions that apply to your destination numbers.

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