What are the limitations of a trial account?



  • Will I always have to enter all my destination numbers when using Nexmo?
  • I saw the test message has '[FREE SMS DEMO, TEST MESSAGE]', will these words be removed after I buy credit?
  • I saw the test message has '[Nexmo DEMO]', will these words be removed after I buy credit?
  • What will no longer be restricted when I am not in testing mode?


After signing up for a Vonage APIs account, you'll receive €2 free credit to test our platform. At this stage, the following restrictions are in place:

  • You can only send SMS and make Voice calls to a limited number of destinations – the number that you registered with, and up to 4 additional test numbers that you've verified.
  • You cannot use trial credit to buy virtual phone numbers.
  • Your SMS messages will be have the text [FREE SMS DEMO, TEST MESSAGE] appended to the body of the message.

To remove these trial restrictions, you'll need to upgrade to a paid account. This will allow you to send to any numbers you want to within the local market regulations (see here for the local market regulations and restrictions that apply to your destination numbers).

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