How can I get full account features enabled?


  • How do I stop demo mode?
  • How can I send SMS without the demo mode limitations?
  • How can I move from trial to live mode in my account?
  • I saw the test message has '[Nexmo DEMO]', will these words be removed after I buy credit?
  • I saw the test message has '[FREE SMS DEMO, TEST MESSAGE]', will these words be removed after I buy credit?
  • What will no longer be restricted when I am not in testing mode?


When initially creating a Nexmo account you will be given €2 welcome credit.

At this stage, you are able to use our products on up to 10 destination numbers of your choice managed on the test numbers page and the text [FREE SMS DEMO, TEST MESSAGE] will be added to all SMS you send.

To enable full account features you will need to add credit to your account and make your first payment.

Once this is done you no longer need to:

  • Whitelist your destination numbers
  • Have the message [FREE SMS DEMO, TEST MESSAGE] attached to your SMS

(note: older accounts that have not yet made their first payment have the shorter wording [Nexmo DEMO] attached to SMS, instead of [FREE SMS DEMO, TEST MESSAGE] )

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