TLS Error Submitting HTTPS Request to Vonage API


I am getting a TLS error when trying to submit an HTTPS request to or

Applies To

  • TLS Certificates
  • HTTPS Request
  • Error Message


Our endpoints use TLS certificates, signed by public certificate authorities, to ensure the security of our communications with our customers and partners. If you have any issue initiating encryption with our endpoints, or face any certificate-related rejection, you may need to update your chain of trust.

  1. Retrieve the root and intermediate certificate bundle from here:
  2. Export them to the format you prefer.
  3. Import them into your application(s).
  4. Optionally, if you need to directly import our certificates as well, you can find them here:
    • For SMPP-over-TLS:
    • For HTTPS or any other non-SMPP endpoint:

Additional Information

We strongly recommend to all of our users that they not directly store certificates in their environments, as they may be subject to change without prior notice. Instead, we encourage you to use the standard best practices and trust the public Certificate Authority (GoDaddy), which has signed our certificates.

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