Destination number format


  • How should I enter the destination number for outbound SMS?
  • Can you convert my customer number from my CRM software to send an SMS to?
  • How can I change my customer's mobile number format for Nexmo?


The criteria for destination numbers in the international format are as follows:

  • No leading "+"
  • No leading "00"
  • Start with the country code
  • The maximum length of an international originator is 15 digits
  • No Trunk prefix "0" after the country code


We don't have a solution to do this automatically on the Nexmo side, we send what you input through the API.

This means you need to set it up so that the information entered into (or fed out from) your CRM software fits the formatting criteria for sending to via SMS, whether through UI constraints or stripping it out programmatically.

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