Why are my SMS messages to India undelivered?


  • Why are my SMS messages to India undelivered?
  • Why can't I send SMS in India?
  • Error code 1 Unknown
  • No delivery in India
  • Very low delivery in India
  • Undelivered in India
  • How do I get delivery in India?
  • How can I register with the NDNC?


The most probable cause for this is that your recepients are registered with India's NDNC (National Do Not Call) list.


India is a very complex market as far as regulations are concerned and if you do not comply with them your SMS will not be delivered. Very few numbers in India are not registered with the NDNC register, so you may still see some small levels of delivery, but most of your SMS will be undelivered.

You can register your Sender ID to bypass this filter. The requirements for this are:

  • You are sending transactional messages which are either user-generated or expected
  • A 6 - Alphanumeric sender ID and SMS template for registration
  • Minimum 25k SMS per month


1. Check the destination number on the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India registry using the following search tool:

N.B. Omit India International prefix 91

2. Register at

Registration is not immediate - if you need this process expediting, please contact (Nexmo Support).


Please see this other KB article on India for more information on the other region-specific regulations that may be limiting your SMS delivery in India.

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