How do I add a webhook URL to my account?


  • How do I add a MO webhook URL?
  • How do I edit my DLR webhook URL?
  • Where can I update webhook URL for inbound messages?


To add a new account-level webhook URL or edit an existing webhook URL, for either inbound or outbound messaging, please go to My Account - Settings page in the Dashboard.

On the right-hand side of the API Keys page, under the Default SMS Setting, you can edit both the Delivery receipts webhook URL and the Inbound message webhook URL. 



Alternatively, you can specify a unique inbound webhook URL for each of your LVN. Please note if you add a webhook URL to one of your Long Virtual Numbers (LVN) then this will take precedence over the account level webhook URL.

You can go to Your Numbers page, select the number you want to edit by clicking the pencil icon under the Manager column, and set the number level webhook URL in the pop-up configuration panel. Please do remember to save the change before you close the pop-up panel. 






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