Why was a Verify SMS not sent to my number?


When using Verify you will not receive an SMS if your number is listed as a landline. Unfortunately the USA and Canada can be a very challenging area for identifying whether a number is a mobile and landline number, due to them sharing the same prefixes. Due to this, many providers can classify a number incorrectly. Some landlines do have the ability to accept SMS, but the majority do not. Due to this, we will not attempt to send an SMS to this number and will proceed only with the Text-to-Speech (TTS) call which will provide the PIN to you.

Please note, even if an SMS is not sent, then a TTS call will still occur to the number providing the PIN to the user.


If your number has been classified as a landline number incorrectly, and are able to confirm the number is a mobile number and the network it is on, we can get the issue resolved for you. Please raise a ticket with so we can investigate and resolve this issue.

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